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Teacher Assistance Programme

by Rotary Gurudakshine

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Karnataka, Bangalore, India

Rotary Gurudakshine

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project solely for the teaching community, which extends beyond teachers in schools and colleges. It includes all forms of educators whether they are, music teachers, sports coaches, yoga instructors or even corporate trainers.

It goes beyond a mere recognition and acknowledgement of teachers for their contribution to our lives and success. It aims to assist teachers financially in times of need and distress. This objective is achieved by creating a corpus exclusively for this purpose.

It is an attempt to demonstrate the collective power of Rotarians cutting across the silos of clubs in our district. It is a collaborative effort of like-minded Rotarians who believe in this cause of providing succor to the teaching community.

It is a long-term project, extending beyond a year and this project will be executed year on year in perpetuity.

An Independent, Voluntary Organization giving awards on recommendation from panel of experts

Name Donate Amount Date
Anonymous 2,500 May 22, 2021
Anonymous 500 May 14, 2021
Gurunagesh R S 500 April 16, 2021
Kashi Prabhu 500 April 15, 2021


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